Driver calendar

The driver calendar feature allows you to commit in advance during particular time slots to being available in case any requests come in for that time.

Here’s a demonstration of the feature:


Click any slot that you can commit in advance to driving visitors for. We’ll contact you if anyone books a visit for that time. We rely on you being available if you commit, with the understanding that urgent circumstances could always come up. If you find you can no longer drive for a slot you’ve committed to, you can click it again to delete your commitment.

Use the “Edit communication details” button to update your name, phone numbers, or mailing address. If you’re newly unavailable to give rides, you can let us know there, too. Please email us if you need to change your email address, as that can’t be edited this way yet.

Subscribe to a personalised calendar


You can also access a link to subscribe to a personalised calendar that will show your timeslot commitments and assigned rides in popular calendar software. This is most extensively tested on Apple platforms; if you have trouble on others, let us know.