Month: October 2019

Suicide Intervention for Weirdos, Freaks and Queers

Carly Boyce is coming to Winnipeg on November 10th and 11th to facilitate two workshops on suicide intervention titled “Suicide Intervention for Weirdos, Freaks and Queers”.

Registration is required

This event is being organized as a response to the devastating impact suicide has had on our communities. We recognize that there are institutional barriers to accessing mental health care and that many mainstream services are inaccessible for marginalized folks, or may do more harm than good, while we’re also at a higher risk of needing mental health supports. Carly’s workshop acknowledges that within marginalized communities we often take care of each other due to the lack of other options, and encourages us to find boundaried, genuine, sustainable ways to show up for each other.


This is an intro-level workshop for folks who want to build and share skills around supporting people who are suicidal. This is not a certification course- it’s an opportunity to gather and share what we know about supporting suicidal family, friends and community members, in a structured and facilitated way. We will discuss commonly held beliefs about suicide and suicide intervention, and how those impact folks seeking support. We will then name, describe, and practice some concrete skills and tools to use in conversations with folks struggling with suicidal feelings or impulses. There will not be any role playing, and participation in all activities is voluntary.

Some of the questions we will be exploring include: what are my beliefs about suicide, and how might those impact how I react to someone else feeling suicidal? How do I know if someone i care about is thinking about ending their life? What are the wrong things to say? Is suicidal thinking always an emergency? What if the emergency services that exist don’t feel like safe options for folks in my family or community? How do I know what my boundaries are, and how do I talk about them with someone in crisis?

Workshops are free, but registration is required by November 1, 2019. Each workshop has the capacity of 20 participants. All are welcome to register, although we are prioritizing registration of people who are structurally at a disadvantage getting this sort of care; people who are 2SBIPOC, disabled, queer, do sex work, use drugs, have had harmful experiences with psychiatric care, or face other barriers in their daily lives.


Sunday’s workshop: November 10th from 2- 5pm at R.A.Y. (126 Sherbrooke Street)

Monday’s workshops: November 11th from 2-5pm at DMSMCA (823 Ellice ave)

*This workshop date is open only to people who are two-spirited, transgender, nonbinary, agender, or anyone whose gender does not match with their assigned gender

November 11th from 6:30-9:30pm at DMSMCA (823 Ellice ave)
– evening workshop open to all

Childcare and snacks provided.

If there are further questions, feel free to email

We’d like to thank the funders who made this event possible Eadha, West Broadway Community Organization, Women’s Health Clinic (WHC), Winnipeg Quakers Thank you so much for your support in making this event possible and free to all participants. Thanks also to Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY) and Daniel McIntyre/St. Matthews Community Association for donating space for the events.


Carly is a 35 year old white genderqueer femme. They are a facilitator, writer, and therapist, mostly doing work around death, sex, and money. Carly has been doing suicide prevention work informally for 20 years, and teaching about it for the last three, training over a thousand people in seven cities on Turtle Island. She likes bitter foods and yarn, and hate gelatinous things and capitalism. You can learn more about Carly at