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Join us for a night of good sounds in support of the Justice for Errol Group’s Fundraiser for legal fees associated with the inquest into Errol Greene’s death.

When: August 18th 8pm-10:30pm. Doors at 7pm.
Where: aceartinc. – 2-290 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg
$8-$15 Pay What You Can — Performers:

Amazing Poster by Kelly Grub 

Show starts early! please arrive on time! doors at 7pm, show is 8pm-10:30pm SHARP.
Suggested donation of $8, no one turned away for lack of funds.
Ace art is not an physically accessible venue, for this we apologize.
See you all there!
Big thanks to Ace Art for their generous donation of the space to host the event ♥♥♥

Funds raised at this show will go towards the costs associated with the inquest into the murder of Errol Greene at the winnipeg remand centre in May last year. Though Errol’s widow Rochelle was granted standing at the inquest, the state does not provide any funding for legal representation, or other costs such as childcare, etc. Please consider making a generous donation, as costs will be very high, and no amount of benefit shows will make any significant dent in that bill.

Support Justice for Errol

Excerpt from the Go Fundme Page:

We’re raising funds for the ongoing legal costs associated with the inquest into Errol Greene’s death happening later in 2017. The inquest will come before the civil suit, and only the latter will be pro-bono. There is a chance that the civil suit, if won, could include damages for the costs of legal representation in the inquest. However, we would also need to put money raised here towards other costs that will not be covered during the inquest, such as childcare, transportation, etc. The legal costs are impossible to estimate but could be up to $25,000.

For other ways to get involved or stay updated, follow Justice For Errol on Facebook:

About Errol

Errol Greene, a 26-year old father of four, was locked up in the Winnipeg Remand Centre on April 29th for a breach of probation on a mischief charge. He was denied medication for his epilepsy, and three days later he died a senseless, preventable death. Witnesses say he was handcuffed and shackled during a seizure, then thrown into a cell. His family are demanding answers from the Remand Centre, and so far none have been forthcoming. Errol’s wife, Rochelle Pranteau, and other family members and friends are joining with community members to call for justice.

Read more in the “Justice for Errol – What you need to know” pamphlet

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