Summer BBQ + Book Sales!

In May, Jacquie Nicholson of the Prison Library Committee organized a wildly successful book + bake sale at the DMSMCA. Proceeds were split between the Bar None Prison Rideshare project, and the Prison Library Committee (who organize to get good books to prisoners). Thanks for all of your hard work, Jacquie!

We collected so many books that we decided to have another book sale in June at the Ellice Street Festival:

Book sale books

Ellice Street Festival

Bar None and Prison Library book sale table at the Ellice Street Festival (June, 2016)


View from the book sale table (June 2016)

We still have a lot of great books leftover, so you can expect another book sale at some point in the future.

In July, we invited everyone involved in the Prison Rideshare project to a BBQ in the park behind the West Broadway Neighbourhood Center. This was an opportunity for organizers, riders, and drivers to hang out and chat. It was also the unofficial launch party for our rideshare handbook. The handbook has essential information for drivers and riders about the nuts and bolts of getting and giving rides, as well as information about the guiding principles of the rideshare project. Thanks to everyone who came out for the BBQ!


Bar None BBQ (July 2016)


Bar None BBQ (July 2016)


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